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That Lady Thing

That Lady Thing

We took a social phenomenon, and transformed into an opportunity for people to post about a reality that affects women every day. It’s an interactive art exhibit, a place to paint a picture of present day sexism. Mostly, it’s a collective statement about wage gap, gender bias, women in leadership, and objectification. Styling itself as “part speakeasy, part speak out”, ours is pop-up with purpose.


It's a socially conscious social club.

A destination for conversation.

A place, where style meets substance.

The patriarchy gets a makeover.

Selfies get self-aware.

We did The Lady Factory.

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The Wallflowers

Art nouveau and geometric patterns inspired the wallpapers, at the first glance, they are bold, poppy graphics. On closer look, each reveals a story about women's lives today.


The Corporate Climb

Got a case of missing rungs? So do I! We create a corporative ladder for women who want to try to climb up to the end. Only 5% of women will make it to the top.


The Sea of Objectification

Every morning, we wade into the familiar waters of misconduct. Ladies, soak up the sea change—the tides, they are changin'!


The Wage Gap Money Grab

Is it a game of skill? No! it's a game of chance.
Women's tried their luck to close the wage gap.


What I did:
Concept, Art direction and Illustration

Eleven Inc