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Virgin Seat View

Google Seat View


Virgin America wanted to give people who have never flown with them a way to experience the cabin firsthand before booking their ticket. 

We let people test-drive their seats before booking their next flight. Thanks to a partnership between Virgin America and Google, Street View became the perfect technology to capture a 360-degree view of the inside of the aircraft. We called it Virgin America Seat View, an interactive campaign that allows people to move down the aisle of our Airbus A320 to take in the onboard experience all around them.


Bus Shelter

Bus Shelter

Immersive Digital Banners

Immersive Digital Banners



-10MM earned impressions

-305 overall impressions

-Drove 513,952 site visits

-Impacted 9972 flight searches

-15% overall life in unique site traffic

-Worldwide news coverage