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Womens Day

Women’s Day

In support of International Women’s Day, in only and crazy 5 days we launched the “Be Bold For Change” campaign — an online meme generator tool, a series of 40 posters, and over 300 national billboards — which encouraged women to pledge what they will do in 2017 to support gender equality and social justice.

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The campaign was recognized as "Best Design" by London Design Week.

The meme generator was a simple but powerful digital tool that allowed women around the globe to choose a unique female graphic, personalize a pledge, and then download a custom profile image for sharing in social media.

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On Wednesday, March 8th, an art installation featuring more than 40 large wall posters—created from women's pledges—was exhibited in downtown San Francisco.

To amplify the impact of this effort, more and more pledges were created through the tool and shared in social media. 

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We’ve been incredibly lucky to receive OOH space donations; over 300 boards across the country, so that the messages will reach others beyond our circles.
I did the concept, design and illustrations for the campaign.
I’m really proud of this project and I hope it inspires you and next women generation.

Concept, Art direction, Illustration
Agency: Eleven Inc